At the most basic level, Aspire Of Life is addressing the Midwest showers and toilets project by the nearly 2,404 people experiencing homelessness in of Omaha.

This mission is much more than providing hygiene; it’s about eliminating barriers of opportunity and reconnecting people with their dignity. Aspire Of Life hopes to shatter the illusion of ‘otherness’ that dehumanizes the homeless. We aim to seed hope and rebuild humanity with safe, private showers. This is Aspire Of Life charge


Restoring dignity and hope, one shower at the time

this mobile shower will be used as a platform to move from one place to another and count blessings of people with services.

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Razors
  • Combs
  • Deodorants
  • New Socks
  • Underwear
  • Feminine Products
  • Other complimentary services

Restoring dignity
is our goal

Anything you give can help someone in need

What else we do?

At Aspire of life, we make sure that people experiencing homelessness eat healthy meals has clothes and get job opportunity . We organize donation activities every week

You can Volunteer for our Events

This is our weekly food donation event, We out there every week, having fun with peoples experience homelessness show them love and sympathy . Join us, let share our time withe theme or donate food or money to Support this weekly event .

Be ready , our Midwest Mobile Shower fundraising dinner is coming soon. Follow us on our Social page to get all the updated .

We all have those clothes that don’t fit us just right or we never wear anymore. Before you decide to throw them away give us a call and we can schedule a pick up/drop off time. Everyone deserves to look nice. The saying goes “if you look good you feel good. Donate today to help support this event.

Choose the perfect help plan for you

100% tax-deductible. Donate now to help save lives impacted by homelessness . Aspire of life corporation fight against homelessness · 501(c)(3) Nonprofit all your donations are tax deductible 

Choose your plan now


$ 19.99

Single Cause

$ 79.99


Recurring Donations

Your monthly donation will help us to create a butter future. Be someone’s reason to smile. Donate today!

Ongoing Aid

To improve the lives of the people experiencing homelessness Aspire of Life Corporation is seeking continuous funding for all events/projects. Give today and make a better tomorrow


Our Life Skill Support Program is designed to teach people who have been out of the workforce to learn new skill… such as small engine repair, landscaping, cleaning & much more. This will enhance their job search and better their lives. Donate today to support this program!

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